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Wondering what to expect on Sunday mornings? What to wear? If you're in the right place? All of these questions and more are answered below. 

Q: "I've never attended church before. What's it like?" 
A: Our worship service is a chance for each person to Worship God in a family-friendly environment.  We use both contemporary and traditional music during our service, a time of prayer, a children's message, and a scripture-based message from our Pastor.

You may use the pew Bibles and Hymnals or follow along on our overhead projection screen.  You may sit where you like in our sanctuary and do not feel pressured to participate in those elements you may not understand or feel uncomfortable with. We hope you will join us some Sunday morning. If you have specific questions, please get in touch. 

Q: "What should I wear?" 
A: Wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in. 

Q: "Do I have to introduce myself/my family in front of everyone?" 
A: No, we don't ask you to do that. Pastor Bill and other members of the congregation will make you feel welcome and introduce themselves after the service. You'll also be offered a visitor's packet with all our contact information. 

Q: "Will I be pressured to become a member?" 
A: No. While we love to have people join our family at FBC, we never pressure, coerce, or otherwise nag people to join us. We believe this is a decision between you and God and wait for you to inquire. 

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Sunday Services at 11:00 AM (Winter) and 9:30 AM (Summer)

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